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$700 In 5 Days

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$700 In 5 Days
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"How Would You Like to Make $700 In Your First 5 Days Implementing A Rock Solid Business Model....And Know That You Can Scale and Repeat it Over And Over Again..."

Don't call us up and comers...we've been in this space for over 12 months and are killing it!

Fellow marketers,

This letter very well could make you a bit upset...let me tell you why!

You see, deep down we all have the desire to do well, to have nice things, and to ultimately be able to take care of not only ourselves, but our families comfortably, am I right?

Unfortunately, there are too many of you that more than likely have this deep seeded fear...of success...Before you jump down my throat, let me explain...

I'm not necessarily saying that you are afraid of succeeding per se, but many of you have a fear of doing what it takes to succeed...

Whoa - whoa - whoa...Slow down there...when I say fear of doing what it takes to succeed...I'm not talking about black-hat stuff or anything that crosses any sort of moral or ethical lines here...I'm simply talking about putting in the work that it takes to succeed, following a plan, and then profiting from your work.

Seriously, have you ever just kicked back and said to yourself - "today is going to be my day - I'm going to make some bank" - Only to slap yourself back to reality 5 minutes later by thinking to yourself that it just "can't happen to you"


We have a system that is so simple, so effective, and so proven, that we have brand new people training with us that are routinely pulling in $700+ per week on bad weeks!

The best part?

They are sales people that are employed by us

I've been in sales pretty much all my life, I've sold everything from million dollar homes, to trailers, to working for finance companies where I did business with companies like Disney, and Subway, handling their equipment and financing needs when they arose.

In my travels, I've perfected many systems for finding, and closing business with the least amount of effort possible, and this is no exception....

As a matter of fact, each new person that we hire to do sales for us, is required to follow the exact same plan that we want to hook you up with today...and I gotta tell you, these guys are local joes who have no idea what "online" is even all about - So, you definitely have an advantage!


Inside this killer system, you are going to get the following:

1. The exact markets to target

2. What kind of services to offer them

3. How much to charge them

4. A killer consultant website template (full instructions included)

5. Email scripts

6. Phone scrips

7. A 5 day plan of action

8. Objections and answers

9. Our secret method to get business owners calling us routinely

If you havn't figured it out yet, this is an offline model - But, don't let that scare you away...Whether or not you are a seasoned pro, or a brand new newbie this is something that is definitely doable for you!

Like I said earlier, we have brought some real goobers on board over the past year, and have seen them marking sales on the board in the first week routinely - As a matter of fact, one of our first hires is now our strongest competition in our area, and she had never done any work whatsoever online prior to working with us.

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