NO PURCHASE OF YouBux Coupons, YouBux Discounts, YouBux Gift Cards, YouBux Gift Certificates, COMPUTER WORKSTATION USAGE, INTERNET TIME OR ANY OTHER PRODUCT OR SERVICE IS REQUIRED TO ENTER OR PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROMOTIONAL GAME. PARTICIPATION IN THIS PROMOTIONAL GAME IS FREE. PURCHASE OF YouBux Coupons, YouBux Discounts, YouBux Gift Cards, YouBux Gift Certificates COMPUTER WORKSTATION USAGE, INTERNET TIME, OR ANY OTHER PRODUCT OR SERVICE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. THESE OFFICIAL RULES GOVERN ALL PROMOTIONAL GAMES. 1. ELIGIBILITY. This promotional game is open to legal residents of the 50 states of the United States and of the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older at the time of participation and who are not ineligible as set out in these Official Rules. Void wherever prohibited by law. Employees (and members of employees' immediate families and residents in their households) of (the "Sponsor") and the Sponsor's distributors and participating retailers together with the parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries and advertising and promotion agencies of all of them, are not eligible to play or win. 2. SPONSORSHIP. The Sponsor of this promotional game the retailer is the store or other venue in which the computer kiosk is located. 3. HOW TO ENTER. The promotional game begins at 12:01 AM, EST on 1/1/2015 And ends at 11:59 AM EST on 12/31/2015. You may purchase computer workstation usage or internet time to enter. For each dollar of such purchase you will be awarded entries to enter the promotional game. (If you choose to reveal the award value of an entry by the entertaining monitor display, see "How To Participate, below. A single entry is shown on the display as twenty five "points.") 4. TO ENTER WITHOUT PURCHASE: (a) ask the participating retailer for free daily entry, limited to four entries per person per day and usable only at the premises of that participating retailer; or (b) Free Entries may also be obtained by sending a hand-written request indicating your name, address, and telephone number. Mail request and a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Promotional Sweepstakes PO Box 4674 Mooresville, NC 28117 One request for a sweepstakes entry must be mailed in a separate outer envelope. No mechanically reproduced or photocopied requests for entries will be accepted. There will be no limit to the number of requests for entry codes requested via this method. Please allow at least four weeks for receipt of your free sweepstakes entry. Sweepstakes entries may be taken to any No Limit Games sweepstakes retailer to reveal whether or not the entry is a winner. No Limit Games and retailers are not responsible for lost, late, illegible, incomplete, incorrect, insufficient postage, damaged, misdirected, or any other kind of problem associated with free sweepstakes entries by mail. Requests mailed to No Limit Games become the property of No Limit Games and will not be returned. - Entries (Credits) given to Customers with no purchase have an equal chance of winning as credits given to Customers for purchasing products. The Sweepstakes Promotional System does not differentiate between Credits given with no purchase necessary and Credits given as the result of a purchase. Results are predetermined and may be revealed by using computers (participant access terminals). Results are incrementally displayed on these computers by using entertaining themes. The method of display or amount of Entries revealed together will not alter the predetermined results of each Sweepstakes Entry. Prizes assigned to each Entry were assigned upon the creation of the Sweepstakes and cannot be modified in any way. 5. HOW TO PARTICIPATE. Participation in the promotional game, whether by free entry or by purchase, is limited to the premises of participating retailers. You must have a valid user account with a login ID and password, to participate. Obtaining a user account is free of charge but the participant's government-issued photo identification document showing the participant's age and current residence, along with your social security number may be required to open an account. (See Other Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, below.) The participating retailer will instruct you how to open an account and how to use the electronic equipment upon which the promotional game is conducted. The promotional game entry points that you register in this way will entitle you to participate in the promotional game at the participating retailer's point of sale. You can find out what you have won simply by asking the point-of-sale clerk at the participating retailer's store. You can also choose to reveal your entries at the computer terminal, in one of two ways: (1) using the controls provided, you can reveal the entry results all at one time, as a single number that will be displayed on the monitor, or (2) you can reveal one entry at a time. If you reveal your entries this way, a casino-theme display will show on the monitor as the means of revealing each entry. Your odds of winning are the same regardless of the method you choose to reveal the results of your entries. If you have entered the promotional game by purchasing computer time/Internet time, the use of promotional game entry credits will not reduce the time that you have purchased. Whether you have entered for free or by purchase, you cannot use awarded credits to play or replay the promotional game. To collect at any time, tell the participating retailer what you have won. On verification of that amount, the participating retailer will pay to you in currency the amount that you have won. The Sponsor and the participating retailer reserve the right to substitute awards of equal value in the form of merchandise, a prepaid gift card or a check sent to you through the mail. Promotional game entries are not available from purchase of any product or service at your participating retailer other than the purchase of computer workstation usage or internet time. The right to receive promotional prizes cannot be assigned or transferred by the participant who is entitled to the prizes. 6. HOW WINNERS ARE SELECTED. Resident inside each computer intranet is a finite deal of entries. The entries are in effect, electronic game pieces. Each electronic game piece has an assigned value, as low as zero and as high as $500. Each time you cause the electronic system to reveal an entry's value the computer will randomly select one entry from the finite deal of entries. Upon such selection, the value previously assigned to the selected entry determines what (if anything) you have won. Your participation in the game is complete at the point of sale when the entry or entries are assigned to you. Revealing the entries' value is not part of the game or related to selection of winners. If you are revealing the outcome by themed monitor display of the game piece's value, the computer pre-selects the outcome of the entertaining display that you have selected, even in displays that appear to be interactive. As to "interactive" displays, your actions will have no effect on the outcome. These displays are pseudo- interactive, as to the prize awarded. For the pseudo-interactive displays, the full value of the entry will be revealed immediately following the participant's actions only if those actions are optimum. If they are not optimum, the full value will be revealed later. When used, the entry is removed from the deal and is not used again. The value (if any) of the entry selected will be added to the prize award value display on the monitor of the computer that you are using. 7. ODDS OF WINNING. The sweepstake pool consists of 250,000 entries. For example, the odds of winning the top prize of $500 are one in 250,000. Amt Prizes Odds 5 30000 0.12 10 20000 0.08 15 20000 0.08 20 25000 0.1 25 20000 0.08 30 2500 0.01 35 5000 0.02 40 5000 0.02 45 2500 0.01 50 1875 0.0075 55 1875 0.0075 60 1500 0.006 65 500 0.002 70 450 0.0018 75 125 0.0005 80 25 0.0001 85 125 0.0005 90 25 0.0001 95 125 0.0005 100 125 0.0005 105 125 0.0005 110 125 0.0005 115 125 0.0005 120 100 0.0004 125 125 0.0005 130 125 0.0005 135 125 0.0005 140 250 0.001 145 250 0.001 150 250 0.001 155 250 0.001 160 250 0.001 165 250 0.001 170 250 0.001 175 250 0.001 180 250 0.001 185 250 0.001 190 250 0.001 195 250 0.001 200 250 0.001 205 250 0.001 210 250 0.001 215 250 0.001 220 250 0.001 225 250 0.001 230 250 0.001 235 250 0.001 240 250 0.001 245 250 0.001 250 250 0.001 255 250 0.001 260 250 0.001 270 250 0.001 280 250 0.001 290 250 0.001 300 250 0.001 305 250 0.001 315 250 0.001 325 250 0.001 350 250 0.001 375 250 0.001 400 250 0.001 425 25 0.0001 450 25 0.0001 475 25 0.0001 500 25 0.0001 560 25 0.0001 650 25 0.0001 725 25 0.0001 880 25 0.0001 910 25 0.0001 1000 50 0.0002 1450 25 0.0001 2000 50 0.0002 2680 25 0.0001 3750 50 0.0002 4250 25 0.0001 5250 24 0.000096 50000 1 0.000004 8. OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE OFFICIAL RULES. This promotional game begins on the beginning date posted above and ends on the earliest of (a) the ending date posted above or (b) when the deal of entries is exhausted or (c) when terminated by the Sponsor for the reasons stated below. The Sponsor reserves the right to modify and/or terminate this promotional game and to take such other measures the Sponsor may deem necessary to appropriate, in its sole discretion to preserve the integrity or compliance of the promotional game or in the event that it or associated practices or equipment become corrupted, technically or otherwise. In such event, prizes will be awarded only from entries received prior to the date and time of termination or modification. Participating entrants release the Sponsor and the participating retailer, together with (all of) their parent companies, affiliated companies, subsidiary companies, and all other businesses involved in this promotional game, as well as the employees, members, managers, officers and directors of each, of all claims and liability related to participation in this sweepstakes promotional game. Any promotional game notice, entry form or other writing, including writings in electronic form, that contain an error (printing, human, technical or other) shall be deemed null and void. Technical malfunction of the electronic equipment associated with this promotional game, voids all play on it. Winners may be required, at the sole discretion of the participating retailer of the sponsor to complete, sign and return a winner's disclosure form an affidavit of eligibility/liability release and where legally permissible, a publicity release, as a condition precedent to the receipt of any prize to be awarded. All winners are subject to disclosure of their winnings and identifying information, to the extent such disclosure is required by law or provided for in these Official Rules. Regardless of how winners use prizes awarded to them, all such awards are taxable income to the participant. Participants are responsible to pay all income and other taxes due in respect of awards of any size that they receive. The Sponsor tracks such awards on an individual-participant basis. The Sponsor is required by law to report to the IRS on Form 1099-MISC all winnings that for the calendar year to date aggregate to more than $600. The Sponsor is required by law to collect patron personal information including social security numbers, so that the Sponsor can make the reports required by law. (The Sponsor's privacy policy is set out below.) Except where prohibited by law, all winners consent to the use of their names, home town, prizes won and likenesses for promotional purposes on behalf of the Sponsor and the participating retailer. All disputes and claims arising out of or relating to this promotional game shall be determined according to the laws of the state in which the participating retailer's premises is located, without regard to such state's conflict of law principles. All participating entrants, by their participation, consent to the personal jurisdiction of the U.S. federal and state courts located in that state and agree that such courts have exclusive jurisdiction over all such disputes. All causes of action in any way arising out of or connected with this promotional game shall be resolved individually without resort to any form of class action litigation; and any claims, judgments and awards shall be limited to actual out-of-pocket expenses incurred. 9. PRIVACY POLICY. The Sponsor and the Sponsor's privacy policy administrator (the "Administrator") respect every patron's right to privacy and the importance of protecting information collected about them. The Sponsor and the Administrator have adopted an enterprise-wide privacy policy which guides how they will store and use the personal information which patrons provide in connection with their participation in the promotional game and their use of the computer kiosk. The Sponsor and the Administrator adhere to the safe-harbor principles that have been established by federal law. Any patron who has questions or comments about the Sponsor's privacy policy may contact the Administrator by writing to: Privacy policy Administrator, PO Box 4674, Mooresville, NC 28117. This policy applies only to information collected by the Sponsor through or derived from the medium of its computer kiosk and in connection with participation in its promotional game. Personal information is information which identifies the patron and may be used to contact the patron. These terms and conditions provide that children (under eighteen years of age) are ineligible to participate or to win prizes from their participation in the promotional game. CHILDREN MUST NEVER GIVE OUT THEIR NAMES, ADDRESSES, EMAIL ADDRESSES OR TELEPHONE NUMBERS, IN THE ABSENCE OF THEIR PARENTS' WRITTEN PERMISSION. No information should be provided to the Sponsor, the Administrator or any participating retailer by or regarding children. If for any reason any person is concerned about a child's personally-identifying information having been supplied, such person should contact the Administrator, who in response to the inquiry will review and remove the child's information as appropriate. In any event, the Sponsor does not knowingly disclose personal information about children, under any circumstances. The personal information provided by patrons will allow the Sponsor to make official reports required by law and to cooperate with government agencies, branches and processes. The Sponsor will use the information for no other purpose. All Malfunctions including but not limited to internet connection and service provider failures, network equipment, computers, computer equipment, acts of god, will void all pays and plays.
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